TO SUM UP.....

Let me conclude with a brief reflection on the effect of GEP 2 training sessions on my daily teaching practice.

I must confess I have always love the idea of doing new things and my lessons and just check how my students appreciate and enjoy the effort.

I started working at high schools when new changes were being in education were being implemented. No textbooks were used so we had to design our own teaching materials week after week. Photocopies were the key and 'cut and paste' our methodology.

Obviusly, the process was just trying to find an appealing topic and start searching and designing activities which might be related to it. After teaching English in different schools for many years, I finally started working at INS Sant Quirze. Luckily, the high level of English and my students' good behaviour allows me to carry out all types of activities in class. This is, no doubt , an invaluable and rewarding experience for me. 

Backwards planning has been one of the key concepts I am sure I will take into account when designing new projects. Learning how to follow a PBL methodology and stop using the 'classical project' outline will be one of the great achievements in the future.